Giant Hands Reaching Across Venice Canal, Spreads The Message Of Unity

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Lorenzo Quinn, the famous sculptor, came back to Venice – this time with a new project in his genius mind. You may remember him from his famous 2017 work,  Support, done in Venice too. It portrayed humanity wonderfully – the dual nature of a human being – the creative force paired with the destructive force. The complex vision, once sculpted into a 3D form, became a worldwide hit.

This time, Quinn is going for something more positive. He is building a bridge depicting unity – a 65 feet wide and 50 feet high  Building Bridges – another great sculpture added to the treasure of the Venice Biennale. The sculpture is six pairs of hands which are going to go across the historic Arsenal basin. Each of the hands will join together focusing on the message of unity – an important piece of message necessary in our current times of growing division among nations.

The six hands represent one of the six universal Human Values: Friendship – so that the future could be built by togetherness. Wisdom – so that together we can come up with better decisions. Help – to develop a strong bond with one another. Faith – to believe in oneself and in another. Hope – to keep moving forward when things go bad. And finally, Love – the purpose of everything.

Empathy, love and strength are the universal messages that this great sculpture shares with all of us. And it could not have been in any better place than Venice Arsenal. It is a historic place where many traders came and expressed their ideas. This was the seat of an influx of new ideas – a place that may be credited to have brought upon the Renaissance in Europe.

What better place could there be for a sculpture that might bring about a new dawn of enlightenment among people?

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Aren’t they majestic?

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