Giant Grocery Store Apologizes For “Plan For A Super Spread” Thanksgiving Ad

Giant Grocery

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Representatives with Giant grocery stores were forced to apologize after an advertisement told customers to “plan for a super spread” if they are hosting for Thanksgiving.

During any other year the advertisement would have gone unnoticed, but in the midst of the COVID pandemic, “super spreader” has become a popular buzzword used to describe events or people that contribute to the spread of the virus.

The full-page advertisement read, “Hosting? Plan a Super Spread.”

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The ad appeared in the December issue of the company’s magazine, Savory. Another ad inside of the same magazine, for Campbell’s soup, told customers to “Slay the Spread.”

One ad in the magazine recognizes the pandemic, saying that, “this year, your crowd has to be smaller than years past.”

When asked about the “super spread” ad, the company said that it was a poor choice of words, and apologized to anyone they offended.

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“We apologize for our advertisement in Savory which used the language Super Spread to describe an abundance of food. While, in hindsight, the choice of words was a poor one, Giant had no intentions of insensitivity. We continue to encourage people to practice safe social distancing practices for celebrating the holidays in line with CDC recommendations. 2020 has been exceptionally challenging for so many reasons and this year the holidays will be celebrated very differently, but we hope that food can still be a source of joy and comfort and that the ad reflects that spirit,” a statement from Giant read.

This year, as the holidays approach, the United States is in the midst of another surge in COVID cases, with lockdown measures going back into effect across the country in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Many government officials are telling people to stay home and to only host events with less than ten people.

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