Ghislaine Maxwell And Bill Clinton – How Close Were They?

Bill Clinton and ghislaine

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

One of the most well-documented accomplices of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, apparently had a relationship with former President Bill Clinton. This friendship was hinted at by a series of interviews that form a part of the “Ghislaine: Partner in Crime” documentary.


The convicted human trafficker had several high-profile associations with the American elite, of which Clinton could be a part. While in jail, Maxwell did open up about the connections that she had made, as an associate of Epstein- which also led to her being sentenced to 20 years in prison. Her associate, and the kingpin of this trafficking network, Jeffrey Epstein, died by apparent suicide in a jail in Manhattan as he awaited his own sentence for the same charges- as reported by Reuters.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Clinton- Trouble in Store For The Former President? 

The pilot of “Lolita Express”- Epstein’s private jet- spoke about how many influential public figures had crossed paths with the financier and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell. Most of them did fly on the private jet, to his island. Along with Clinton, several other celebrities like Donald Trump and Prince Andrew of the royal family in Britain had traveled in this jet. But according to CNN, the pilot did state that there was no sexual activity that took place while they were wheels up in the air. Ever since Epstein’s death and Maxwell was sent to prison for a couple of decades, the figures associated with them have started distancing themselves. Several media houses believe that these figures are trying to minimize their own alleged connection to the traffickers. 

The New York Times has reported that after his Presidency ended in 2001, Bill Clinton had effectively shifted his officers to New York City. And according to the Times, this was when Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell mixed in with the upper echelons of New York society. And Politico highlights that it was around this point in time that Maxwell and Clinton could have started their friendship. It is quite interesting to note that Epstein had already been a visitor to the White House when Clinton was at the helm. The New York Post reports that there were multiple instances where Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein were photographed along with President Clinton. One evidence of Maxwell and Clinton’s close friendship could be the time Maxwell vacationed with the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea. Incidentally, she was also one of the guests at the wedding ceremony of Chelsea in 2010. 

If one were to put stock in the words of The Daily Beast, it was around 2010 when Ghislaine Maxwell first found herself subpoenaed for her connection to the Jeffrey Epstein case at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Politico further mentions that Maxwell’s primary connection to the Clinton family was through their daughter, Chelsea. While the Clintons vehemently dispute this connection, one can find pieces of evidence that Chelsea still had a connection with Maxwell even after Epstein had charges filed against him, which were subsequently proven to be correct. In an interview with Politico, someone close to the family stated that Maxwell was the mediator between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. The source further mentioned that Ghislaine Maxwell became a friend of the family after she and Chelsea became close. This was also around the time when Bill Clinton shared private dinners with Maxwell in Los Angeles, according to the Daily Beast. 

Bill Clinton Came In Contact With Ghislaine Maxwell at the White House Itself

The Guardian reports that although Ghislaine Maxwell is widely known for being Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, her relationship with the trafficker soon ended as soon as the Clinton family moved to New York. Sometime after that, Maxwell ended up dating Ted Waitt, the founder of Gateway Inc. Waitt was introduced to Maxwell through Chelsea Clinton- even though the Daily Beast claims that Maxwell already was connected with the Clintons after meeting them at the White House. Incidentally, she also attended Chelsea’s wedding as Waitt’s date in 2010. After the couple broke up in 2011, Chelsea Clinton also cut ties with Ghislaine Maxwell- as reported by a source close to the family. Politico further explains that Maxwell and Clinton’s friendship wasn’t just restricted to Chelsea though. The source claims that Maxwell had her own relationship with Clinton and was quite close to the former President. 


Epstein was arrested in 2019 when he landed in Paris. Ghislaine Maxwell was prosecuted a couple of years later- after Jeffrey Epstein died in prison. Independent notes that it was during Maxwell’s trial when it was confirmed that Bill Clinton had used Epstein’s private jet for travel. The plane, according to sources, was used for transporting minors to the many properties of Epstein- which also included his private island in the Caribbean. According to the pilot, Maxwell had also been on Epstein’s plane on several occasions, but it is not clear if Maxwell and Clinton were on the plane together ever. 

CNN mentions that Bill Clinton had acknowledged his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and had also admitted that he traveled on his private jet- but he denied the knowledge of any trafficking going on. In 2019, Angel Urana, the spokesman for Clinton mentioned that between the years of 2002 and 2003, President Clinton had been on four trips using the Lolita Express- one to Asia, one to Europe, and a couple of trips to Africa. CNN reports that these trips were made in connection with the charity work of Clinton- the Clinton Foundation.

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