Ghana Entrepreneur Makes Recycling Machine From Scrap Metal, Starts Company That Turns Plastic Into Roads

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Did you know — only 2 percent of all plastic trash in Ghana is recycled. This staggering statistics was presented in a new video by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Now, at least one company seeks to change this statistic and is doing so currently.

Nelplast Ghana Limited is turning plastic waste (including bags) into pavement blocks that can be used to build roads. The mixture was invented by network engineer Nelson Boateng. The bricks are comprised of about 60 percent plastic and 40 percent sand.

The process entails shredding plastic bags then mixing them with sand. The combination products a “new form of asphalt,” according to WEF. Apparently, it requires fewer resources to create, is durable, and lasts a long time.

According to the online publication Konbini, Boateng had a goal to recycle 4,400 pounds of plastic junk, so made a recycling machine using scrap materials. His “over 20 years of experience in the recycling industry” has helped propel Nelplast to where it is today.

The WEF video claims that Ghana’s Ministry of Environment has already approved the paving blocks in one district and wants to help grow the company. So far, Nelplast indirectly employs over 230 people. As the company grows, this figure will increase and the local economy will benefit, as a result.

Nelplast doesn’t just sell pavement blocks. To adhere to its mission to “seek the interest of the environment first in all processes,” the company also sells plastic roofing tiles and offers consulting in starting recycling companies. One of the company’s outlined objectives is to recycle “about 70 percent of plastics waste generated by the country daily into useful products that can be used for a lifetime.”

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Source: Inhabitat, World Economic Forum on Twitter

Image Featured: Copyright: daizuoxin / 123RF Stock Photo

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