These Weather-Proof, Fireproof, Sustainable Domes Could Provide Revolutionary Housing Solutions


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Geoship is a company that is creating eco-friendly homes to cope with the problem of homelessness in the US. As we move forward, protecting nature will be at the forefront. Thus, the firm is proposing ideas of domes that are energy sufficient, affordable, disaster-resilient, and also long-lasting. The supposed lifespan of the bioceramic domes is 500 years. 


Morgan Bierschenk, Geoship’s Founder and CEO, says that they focus on building a beautiful relationship between nature and man. ‘We build transitional villages that embody powerful urban design principles — to strengthen the original agreements humans formed in the villages where we first came together — cooperation, community, and creativity,’ says Geoship. 

Geodesic Dome Houses Geoship Released

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Geoship wishes to create a sustainable living through sacred geometry and materials that profit both the planet and its inhabitants. They are going to build the precast of the domes with the help of ceramic composites, which will be chemically bonded. These bioceramic building panels can be produced at low cost and in good quality. They have a design life of 500 years and have the capability of integrating with the local ecosystems, maximizing energy efficiency, and also have the potential to change traditional housing. 

Geoship domes

Merging the works of Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Geometry and Rustum Roy’s Crystal Chemistry, they are trying to revolutionize the way of living. Geoship uses techniques that have been previously used in ancient temples and the pyramids of Giza. Thus, the structures are supposed to be as resilient as the old historical structures. Even when 5G goes full throttle, the crystalline structures within the Geoship domes will protect us from harmful vibrations that are produced by EMFs. 

These domes will form a “transitional village” away from the hubbub of the city, where people can reconnect and fall in love with nature. Each transitional village will have 40 to 80 residents. The villages will be placed adjacently to facilitate permanent housing, short-term supportive housing, and long-term supportive housing. The village housings will follow community guidelines and are believed to instill in its residents a feeling of belonging.

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To produce the domes, a ceramic precast plant will be built near the village. With every affordable regenerative house being sold, transitional homes will be added to the village. Bierschenk believes that a healthy home promotes a healthy family. He thinks we build a beautiful external aura if we are healthy inside. He believes that this dome can lead to inspiring healthier actions within our daily lives to create an energetic Geoship around our human container. 

When the world economy is suffering damage in more than one way, this company is converting capitalism and construction business by providing customers with a stake in the project. The transitional village project is one where the homes will be owned by customers and nature, alongside investors and employees. Investments can be made ranging from $100-$10,000. 

When we move forward, leaving behind the crisis, we will need to move hand in hand with nature. Geoship’s latest project aspires to help motivate this process. 

Image credit: Geoship

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