This Futuristic House Uses The Force Of Hurricanes To Anchor Itself To The Ground

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

2017 was a challenging year for those who live(d) in Houston, Texas, parts of Florida, and the Caribbean. This is because Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, Jose and Irma took a toll on the areas, leaving many cities in ruin and hundreds of people dead. In preparation for the years ahead, the firm Margot Krasojević Architects has developed a “hurricane-proof home” that can withstand extreme wind loads.

As Inhabitat reports, the Self-Excavation Hurricane House rotates around a helicoid retaining wall, essentially burying itself into the land. As a storm grows in strength, the house only becomes more resilient to the forces around it.

The futuristic abode’s main living spaces are located in a precast reinforced concrete frame. Though the structure is lightweight, it has a series of rubber-coated, concertina wall sections. These provide the flexibility needed to adapt to conditions while the home rotates.

To protect the structure from damage, it is set upon an artificial island that directs water away from the main living areas. Surrounding topsoil directs water to deeper soil that functions as a bioswale. And, wetlands which are included during landscaping absorb and temporarily store floodwater. The H20 is later slowly released into its surroundings.  As Inhabitat reports, “This part of the project helps with land reclamation and water purification.”

The details on this particular project are lacking. However, you can learn more or contact the firm directly by visiting their website.

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Source: Inhabitat

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