Free Legal Advice Line For Woman Who Are Sexually Harassed At Work Launched By Emma Watson


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The UN ambassador recently launched a free advice line for the thousands of women who are sexually harassed at work. It is a phone-based legal system, and apparently a unique one in the United Kingdom. This does come as a shock to most people. 

The line would in working order due to the funding from Emma Watson herself along with the public. 

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According to the Union of TUC, almost every one in 2 women came under harassment in their workplace. But Watson feels that people are finally coming to terms with the gravity of this problem and holding themselves accountable for the way they have let it slide for all these times. 

Women calling this helpline would receive information on what could be constituted as sexual harassment. They would be explained on how to place grievances before their employer and see to it that the grievances are met. They would also get legal advice on how to handle NDAs and settlement pleas. 

The legal part of the line would be provided by the famous women’s charity Rights of Women. This scheme has been supported by the Time’s Up UK Justice and Equality Fund while being managed by Rosa – the UK Fund for Women and Girls.

Watson declares that learning about this is going to be such a boon for women who face such harassment at work almost every day. They will know about their rights and have the legal backing to assert those rights. 

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The line would work on Mondays from 6 pm to 8pm BST, and Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm BST. 

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Everyone harassed will always be under the protection of the Equality Act of 2010. You can and should always tell your work colleague if their behavior is bothering you. If talking to a work colleague solves the problem, all the better. 

Else, you can

  1. Inform your manager- write it and keep one copy with you. 
  2. Keep a note on when the incident happened, where, and how, along with the names of people present.
  3. Talk to the HR or the trade union. 
  4. Register and make a complaint- giving in details of the who, when, and where. 

If it still doesn’t work, make a complaint at the Employment tribunal. 

The Government has welcomed the decision for the phone line, according to what they told the BBC. In fact, just a month back, they brought out new initiatives that would protect one from being sexually harassed at work. 

The previous minister in charge of this, Penny Mordaunt got replaced with Amber Rudd. Yet, the former’s plan of putting stricter laws in place will be continued by the latter

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