Fox Hunting- A Sport For The Psychopaths

2462713037_acf8101820_bby Luke Miller Truth Theory

Fox hunting is quite possibly one of the cruellest and psychopathic acts one could take part in.

Regardless of your beliefs on meat, if you take something like the meat industry, although a lot of it is cruel and possibly unnecessary, you can see why it exists. There is a reason for it.

The people who work in the factories are likely disconnected from what they are doing and although there are no excuses for the level of cruelty that goes on in some of these places, the people who work there are not killing for fun.

Hunting for meat is another thing that although in some cases can be cruel; you can still see why some people have to do it for survival. In some cultures it is just part of the food chain and a way to feed themselves.

Again although I do not personally agree with it you could see why a farmer or someone who is in danger may kill an animal to protect themselves or their livelihood.

But when you take something like Fox Hunting which involves groups of people on horseback, packs of dogs all chasing one poor little fox and you call it a sport you have to wonder why anyone would find that enjoyable.

To me it is one of the most disempowering, selfish and unmeasurably cruel things anyone could do and the fact that its legality is even argued, shows the level of thinking that those at the top have.

If you take a look into the history of serial killers and those people who commit acts of brutality almost all of them start with animals, so why in any humane and decent society would we allow people to kill animals for fun?

Even if you look at it in the most selfish of ways, I would argue that someone who gets kicks from murdering small defenceless animals would probably be a danger to society and not safe to roam the streets with those who don’t enjoy killing.

It has been argued that it is done to keep down the population and I even read an article saying that it gives the foxes a better quality of life, which is quite honestly the most stupid thing I have ever heard, to justify getting your thrills by saying you are helping the species you are killing is just beyond my level of thinking.

It has also been argued that it is political correctness gone mad, and a restriction of our human rights. But ultimately no one has the right to kill for fun. I understand that it is a part of certain people’s heritage, but so is child sacrifice in some communities and we are not going to start defending satanic cults to protect their human rights.

Evil is evil at the end of the day and anyone who participates in killing for fun should be treated as you would treat anyone else with these tendencies. If little Mike your neighbour’s child started running around the neighbourhood killing cats and dogs, chances are he would end up in a psychiatric hospital, no matter how he justified his actions. The same should apply to grown men and women who think it is acceptable to kill animals.

In the UK they trying to overturn the ban on this barbaric sport, with our prime minister saying- “it’s my firm belief that people should have the freedom to hunt” This really cannot happen as it is not only cruel but encourages hatred, death and destruction.

I am a big believer in human rights and the freedom to do pretty much what you like, but I think that freedom comes with the responsibility that you will not harm anyone or anything without a good enough reason. Killing for fun in my opinion is not a good enough reason.

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