Former U.S President Jimmy Carter Powers Half Of His City With A Solar Farm

Solar Power

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken, or it can be just a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people,” Former American President (1977-1981) Jimmy Earl Carter had said.

The best part of having him in the neighborhood back in his hometown has been this- he provided more than half the population with sustainable, inexhaustible sources of energy. He was one of those people who had realized the importance of having a renewable source of energy.

In February 2017, SolAmerica used 10 acres of land to complete the solar project supported by Carter. 3852 panels were employed by Carter initially. However, 324 new panels were still called forth for the library to supply further energy. All of this generates over 1.3 Mega Watts of power every year. He utilizes the power for the consumption of more than half of his hometown Plains, Georgia. He even went ahead with a 25- year termed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). His agreement which is with Georgia Power enables him to expand on clean and renewable energy.

In 1977, the Department of Energy was created by Carter. During his office, he signed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURPA). In 1979, Carter introduced 32 panels to the White House to boil water.

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Even at the age of 95, Carter is a world-wide popular activist for clean energy. He said to SolAmerica, “Rosalynn and I are very pleased to be part of SolAmerica’s exciting solar project in Plains. Distributed, clean energy generation is critical to meeting growing energy needs around the world while fighting the effects of climate change. I am encouraged by the tremendous progress that solar and other clean energy solutions have made in recent years and expect those trends to continue.”

“There remains a great deal of untapped potential in renewable energy in Georgia and elsewhere in the U.S. We believe distributed solar projects like the Plains project will play a big role in fueling the energy needs of generations to come,” SolAmerica’s Executive V.P, George Mori said.

Carter has used technologically advanced panels with top of the field solar trackers. It can even supply energy during cloudy weather conditions from its reserves. But its benefits are not only energy-related. Maintenance of these firms would be able to generate ample employment opportunities.

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For more than being a Nobel Prize holder in Peace, Jimmy Carter is an icon and inspiration for being the person he is.

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