Former Syrian Refugee Invents Charger Which Works With Aircraft Air Vents

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

A lot can happen in three years. For instance, three years ago, Shoushi Bavarian and her family were forced to leave their home in Syria. As they waited in Lebanon, they faced an uncertain future. Now, the family of four happily lives in Canada. Perhaps most impressive is that Shoushi is making headlines for developing a charger that works with the vents on airplanes.

The positive news was shared in an Instagram post by Globe and Mail. Reportedly, she has been enrolled at Montreal’s Concordia University. The caption reads:

“She has learned her fourth language, French – in addition to English, Arabic and Armenian. She’s got two part-time jobs with promising prospects in her field: one in the parts department at Bombardier Aerospace and another at Stratos Aviation, a small aviation and flight simulation firm. There, she’s co-created her first invention in the lab she’s building.”

Bakarian’s latest invention is the Ventus, a 5-volt accessory charger for Cessna airplanes. It runs off the aircraft’s air vents and, as an added bonus, cools the air by compressing it. As some have pointed out, the device is a must-have for avid travelers, as well as pilots who rely on tablets and smartphones for aviation computation.

Said the third-year student: “I want to reach girls and tell them they don’t have to limit themselves to traditional jobs, like teachers. Especially for girls from my community, they have a very limited idea of what’s out there. I want to become an example.”

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The topic of immigration is a testy one. Especially in light of the recent US government shutdown, many people would rather put up walls and borders, rather than welcome less-privileged humans into “their” country. Hopefully, as more stories like Shoushi’s surface, tension surrounding the conversation will lessen.

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