Former Professor In Japan Claims Eating Fruit For 8 Years Has Made Him ‘Superhuman’

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Are humans eating the wrong diet? According to former professor Mizuki Nakano of the University of Tokyo, the answer to this question is a definite “yes.” In fact, he claims that subsisting on an all-fruit diet is the next step in human evolution.

In September of 2009, Nakano decided to experiment with his health and eat nothing but fruit all day, every day. He was aware that conventional wisdom says an only-fruit diet is unhealthy (mainly due to the “high amounts of sugar”), but found no science backing up these beliefs. As a result, he decided to try out the fruit-heavy diet.

He was very strict with his regimen. At one point, he opted to get all of his hydrated from fruit versus water. Before long, days turned to weeks. And then, weeks turned to years. What began as an experiment turned into a lifestyle, and Nakano says he’s never felt better.

The former professor’s eccentric lifestyle eventually landed him on the variety show Matsuko’s Unknown World. On the show, he spoke about his fruit infatuation and gained national notoriety. After his appearance, rumors spread that the fruit lover had met an untimely death, caused by malnutrition.

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To clear up the misinformation and share a startling revelation, Nakano made another appearance on April 17, 2018 — three years after he first stepped foot on the show. At first, Matsuko Deluxe asserted that he looked slightly jaundiced and might be suffering from liver damage. But the former professor dismissed these claims. Then, he added that his lifestyle is the next step in human evolution.

Nakano said researchers studied him and discovered something incredible. That is, that the complete lack of protein combined with a pure fruit diet caused certain fungi to grow in his intestine. That fungi is capable of converting nitrogen in the air to protein. Reportedly, the researchers told him that this is unique to Nakano’s body and that he is unlike any other human.

It is important to note that Nakano’s claims are purely anecdotal. Furthermore, there is no report of the peer-reviewed (or non-peer reviewed) study supposedly conducted on him. Of course, as he pointed out in 2009, research is lacking on the merits (or cons) of an all-fruit diet. As a result, caution is advised.

Fruit as Medicine

Undoubtedly, there are benefits to consuming fruit. The plant-based food is rich in vitamins and minerals, boasts a high amount of antioxidants, and supports the flushing of the kidneys and movement of the lymphatic system (the “sewer system” in the body). In fact, some — such as Dr. Robert Morse, ND — claim fruit is the most healing food in the world.

He explains why in the video below:

One thing is for sure — fruit is a health food. However, years of research and study are needed to conclude whether or not a diet that features fruit is ideal for the human organism.

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Source: Sora News 24


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