Former Area 51 Engineer: I worked On Secret UFO Project, Here Is What Happened

Captain Bill Uhouse

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In recent decades several whistleblowers started sharing claims about alleged secret projects dealing with alien technology in famous Area 51. This topic gained a lot of attention when the documentary about Bob Lazar was released.


Several groups of individuals believe that the top-secret army base of the US Army has been dealing in extra-terrestrial stuff. And recently, a former engineer from this base (according to his claims in an interview by Dr, Stephen Greer) believes that the army has been “keeping aliens captive” for research and analysis. The engineer, Bill Uhouse has several reports that claim that he had been employed by the secretive army base in the United States. He further claims that there were real aliens on site. 

Former Area 51 Engineer Claimed That He Had Hands-On Experience With Alien Technology

In an interview with known UFOlogist, Dr, Steven Greer, the 71-year-old former engineer also stated that he was apparently the expert on extra-terrestrial matters. He also announced that he knew more about what Area 51 constituted- rather than any average individual. And if his claims are to be believed, it was President Eisenhower’s directions that led to a distinct divide between Area 51, and the normal citizens of the country. The former engineer alleges that it was President Eisenhower who decided that the population should not be informed regarding the whereabouts of the area. 

The former Area 51 engineer passed away in 2009, but his ideas and account have provided much strength to start a serious discussion all over the world. In fact, he is considered to be a whistleblower on the going on in that area. While it is not ascertained if he was actually an engineer for Area 51, his reports do indicate that he was employed in the dismantling of alien technology. He also claimed that other officials and engineers were tasked with reverse engineering the technology that they discovered. Speaking to Latest UFO Sightings, Uhouse stated that they were essentially working with an alien race. 

The engineer also alleged that the aliens that the army had captured on site were EBEs- or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities- and he would be working on them with a bunch of engineers at the site itself. In his report, he classified aliens into three different categories called small, medium, and tall rankings. He further alleges that the reason behind the utmost secrecy of this site is due to a peace pact that was signed between the United Nations and the United States.

Now, while there is some doubt regarding the authenticity behind his work for Area 51, he did serve in the Marine Corps for close to 10 years as a test pilot for exotic experimental aircraft. He has also been employed as an engineer for several defense contractors over the last 30 years. Interestingly, even though he passed away in 2009, he had been recording his testimonies as early as 2005. According to his testimony, he was asked to work on a secret technology back in 1958- which was a flying disc simulator.


The former Area-51 engineer was asked to work on a UFO that had crashed in Kingman, Arizona, in 1953. The crashed vehicle had been sent to this site- which hadn’t been constructed completely back then. Uhouse states that the vehicle had four extra-terrestrial beings- who had been injured but survived. This alien crew was then transported to Los Alamos, where they helped in reverse engineering the recovered UFO.

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