Forever Home Found For Millie The Rescue Dog Who Lost Her Nose After Being Shot

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Meet Millie, the happy-go-lucky dog who can teach all humans a lesson or two about being grateful and not losing hope. Millie was shot multiple times and was also stamped on. Even after facing such difficulties, Millie’s footage showed her enthusiastic nature – running and jumping around in Brighton. Her floppy tongue and distorted snout did not prove to be a hindrance as she excitedly greeted the vets who would operate her. Also known as the snot monster, this bundle of joy was rescued by Kasey Carlin.

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Millie was rescued in Russia where she was a street dog. Carlin found the dog trying desperately to claw at her distorted snout as she was in extreme pain. Efforts were made to raise funds for the surgery that the dog needed in order to survive. The Wild at Heart Foundation made arrangements for her treatment in the UK. Not only did the poor dog have a rotting snout, one of her eyes was damaged by a bullet. However, Millie is recovering from numerous surgeries according to Carlin.

Carlin knew right from the first moment she saw the dog that she wanted to take care of her. She saw Millie’s rescue video where she was struggling to breathe but was charged with energy. When the dog was rescued, her snout was completely shattered and Carlin wanted to help the poor dog.

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How did such a happy dog get abused so brutally? Her story is ambiguous but Carlin believes she was used for target practice or maybe someone tried to euthanize her but failed. Millie’s pictures went viral on Instagram and Carlin saw them. She immediately sent out texts to trace her and give the dog a loving home. Irina from Vyberimenya, the shelter, communicated with Carlin and they began the rescue process.

Mother of four dogs, three belonging to her and one foster, Carlin couldn’t be happier. Maggie, Mishka, Millie, and Bella are a part of her family. Maggie had also been abused previously and is disabled. She was found in Lebanon, her eyes shot out, an ear cut off, a broken jaw, and with multiple bullet wounds over her body. The dog was tied to a box in such a pathetic condition but now she is doing well. In fact, Maggie is a popular therapy dog and was nominated for a bravery award too.

Millie is a happy and completely healed dog now. Despite her trauma, she is in good physical and mental state. The only bad habit that she has is her inability to control her drool as her jaw is broken. Millie being a special dog does attract attention from strangers on the street who are soon taken over by her charm she enjoys a good number of head pats for her friendly nature.

Featured Image Credit: milliethewunderdog

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