For Deaf Students This Teacher Made Dolls With Glittery Hearing Aids

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Deaf kids barely get to see anyone on screen with whom they can identify. Nor are there toys that ideally represent them. It makes such children feel lonely. A teacher has decided to correct this imbalance in her own small way to inspire and thrill her deaf children. She has designed dolls especially for them by adorning them with jazzy hearing aids.

Genesis Politron of Watsonville, California is a teacher and a Twitter user. She has done some exemplary work by creating these wonderful glittery hearing devices for the dolls. Small children who have a hearing impairment can identify with these dolls who sport these glittery devices.

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Politron is involved with these students. She teaches kindergarten and preschool for the hard of hearing and deaf children. She was troubled that the children never got to see toys in their likeness, wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants.

She then decided to make them on her own. Children with hearing implants tend to reach out for dolls wearing such implants, she told CNN. The face of the children when they got these special dolls was priceless.

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Even the parents have appreciated the toys. The embellishments are amazing and the kids have loved it. Genesis has used fabric paints that have come out great. Many children are insecure or feel awkward putting on these hearing devices. But these special dolls should create a sense of belonging among these children. They will now start to see things differently and make them more confident and less self-conscious. Other students will also be more at ease in interacting with such students.

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People noted their appreciation over the net. Within a week of being posted in the last week of September, the post has already gathered more than 30,000 retweets and 150,000 likes. One person tweeted that she wished that these dolls had been around in her school day. It would have saved her a lot of isolation and unwanted attention. Genesis hopes that people would learn to read more sign language to communicate better with such children.

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These creations show that even small contributions in a positive direction can make a world of difference to the children. Genesis Politron is sure to become the favorite of many a deaf child, and quite rightly so. Everyone looks up to her because she has walked a few extra steps than what the call of duty demanded of her. 

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