For $75 You And A Friend Can Cuddle A Cow For An Hour


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Animals in therapy aren’t an uncommon trend. It has been observed that cuddling with puppies can really lift your spirits. But have you ever considered doing that with a cow? While bovines aren’t the first animal to come to mind when you think of comfort, it seems like these special animals are being called in to calm people down. Cuddles with cows are becoming the new rage in America.

If you have a pet, you already know that being around animals can ease stress and anxiety. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with this and it is especially strange for people who aren’t all too fond of animals. Though cow cuddling is quite new it is actually not too far off from earlier trends like yoga sessions with goats and cats.

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Practising yogic stances with a cow is obviously a challenge that no one wants to undertake but snuggling next to a massive bovine can actually make you feel much better.

So where do you go to get this therapy? Mountain Horse Farm, which is located in New York, throws its barns open to guests who would like to chill with the horses and the cattle. A unique experience, guests can hang out with these gentle beasts and can also help take care of them. Those who don’t feel like partaking in any activity can just snuggle down with them and relax.

Since cows are naturally warmer animals with high body temperature and a low heart rate, snuggling in with them just oozes your stress away. Simply holding animals can decrease stress levels and improve our connection with the world around us. As those who run Mountain House Farms explains, cattle and horses have devised an entirely unique method to communicate with us. Whether you’re feeling happy or sad or anxious, they will be able to sense it. They are able to offer comfort without being judgmental because they haven’t been conditioned by society as we have.

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Not only does being around animals relax us, but it also leaves us feeling comforted and healed. Learning more about them increases our awareness and we become more mindful of our movements. They teach us to be assertive and confident. For a lot of people, it is a way of facing their fears and overcoming them.

To spend an hour and a half at the ‘Horse & Cow Experience’ costs about $300. For those who just want to snuggle with an animal, there are hour-long slots which only cost $75. Don’t forget to take some friends along!

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According to Mario Becker, authorities in the field of animal behaviour have studied this therapy and how it impacts the cows. He argues that these animals aren’t meant to be spending time like this with humans. But the staff at Mountain Horse Farm have stated that they love and care for the animals there. The cattle and horses are allowed to live in herds just like they would have if they hadn’t been domesticated.

Hopefully, this communion is not harmful to anyone and can really bring a positive change in the relationship we share with animals.

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