For 20 Bucks, Oregon Rehab Center Will Put Your Ex’s Name On A Salmon And Feed It To A Bear


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

If things ended badly with your ex, don’t fret. There’s a rehabilitation center in Oregon that will help you get over your frustration. For a $20 donation, Wildlife Images will write your ex-lover’s name on a salmon and feed it to a hungry, 1,000-pound bear.

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Though the limited promotion debuted in February 2019, the initiative is so genius, TruthTheory had to feature it. Who knows – perhaps the campaign will re-launch in 2020!

KATU reports that the promotion was announced in a Facebook post just in time for Valentine’s Day. Participants will then get a special certificate and photos of Kodi and Yak “destroying their ex,” the organization promised.

Because there was a limited number of salmon, participants had to reserve their fish. In addition to helping raise funds for the organization, the promotion provided peace of mind to former flames.

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