Flat Earthers Are Planning A Cruise In 2020 To Get To ‘The Edge Of The World’

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It was the ancient Greeks who first found out that our Earth, despite how it apparently looks, is not technically flat. They were even able to calculate the circumference of the Earth. And that was about 2,000 years ago. We had already written it down on stone that the Earth was a sphere. Now, if anybody wanted more proof, then all they had to do was to wait for the 20th century. Not only did we go to the Moon, but we have captured photographs of our round Blue Planet from space. Now, we would believe that any misconception about the Earth being flat would be put to rest.

But unfortunately, it isn’t.

The Flat Earth Society and other flat earthers believe that the entire theory of a spherical earth is just hogwash – a grand conspiracy cooked up by NASA to keep us blind to the fact that the Earth is ‘Flat’. According to them, that is the truth. As per the Flat Earth Society (FES) website, it is one of the world’s oldest organization regarding Flat Earth which has been active since the early 1800s. They even have a diagram of what the earth actually looks like:  a pancake-like disk which has the North Pole in the middle. According to them, the edge is surrounded by a thick ice wall which keeps the ocean from falling over

And now, the Flat Earthers are finally going out on a mission to prove their point. They are planning a cruise to reach the edge of the Earth and finally get to those ‘secret’ ice walls surrounding the edge of the Earth. Their adventure is scheduled for 2020 as per their website. This might be their ultimate shot at proving that the Earth is flat. While many of the details about the date and other aspects of this event are still pending, the Flat Earth Society claims that it would be one of the bravest adventures to date. However, there is an irony attached to this great scheme.

All the nautical maps and navigation tools currently present in this world are based on the concept of the globe-like earth. That’s how modern navigation technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) has been developed too. They can even be considered as proof for the round shape of the earth. But then again, ironies come as part and parcel when we are talking about flat earthers.

Henk Keijer, who is an ex-cruise ship captain, was quite surprised by this irony. He has been in the business for about 23 years and he told The Guardian how all the navigation charts and systems are based on the principle of the spherical earth. The GPS that we use all the time is completely dependent on the dozens of satellites that are orbiting the earth. These satellites beam signals down to the receiver of a GPS and pinpoint a certain location. If the Earth had been flat, three satellites would have been sufficient to help everybody on the planet to get their location on the GPS. That we have to invest so much on more satellites to do so is simply because the Earth is actually round.

However, we are not completely sure whether the cruise is actually using GPS. Maybe they might rummage through their hidden stash and find a new kind of nautical map, especially suited for Flat Earthers! Well, all we can say to them is good luck. Hopefully, this proof will be enough to make them realize how wrong they were.

Or maybe that’s asking too much.

Bon Voyage!

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