A Fire Obliterated This Man’s Home, But All He Cares About Is His Kitten

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

While attempting to light his heating stove last Wednesday evening, trouble befell 83-year-old Ali Mese. The fire that caught in his wood home quickly spread, leading to an explosion in the living room. Neighbors in western Turkey’s Mudurnu district quickly informed the fire brigade who were able to save the old man, his wife, son and cat.

Sadness hung in the air as the family watched their single-story house burn down. Likely in shock, the owner of the house hugged his frightened cat and mourned the loss of his hens. “13 of the 14 hens in the basement died during the fire,” Meşe said.

Local authorities reached out to the family, who were left homeless as a result of the fire. In a Tweet, Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalın wrote that he contacted the governor of Bolu province where Mese lives. The governorate informed him that the “needs of Uncle Ali” would be addressed.

“Let’s keep him and his cat warm,” Kalın tweeted. Internet users were quick to extend help, reports the Daily Sabah. A GoFundMe campaign was set up with a goal of $7,000 USD. In three days, it has surpassed its goal. As a result, Mese and his family now have a home.


Footage of the tragic event has gone viral, as it epitomizes the love between a compassionate human and a companion animal. No matter how bad life is, it will always be worse without a non judgemental furry friend.

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* There was also footage circulating on Facebook

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