Find Out Which Is Your Predominant Chakra

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Find out which is the predominant chakra in your system

The chakra system is comprised of 7 main chakras, although many believe there to be 13 main chakras and many other sub chakras. But for the simplicity of this article I will talk about what is widely accepted as the 7 main bodily chakras.

The chakras are what you may call energy points within the subtle body, although they do have a physical point within our human body. These 7 chakras when aligned work as a representation of complete health and can help you to understand different physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and real world problems that you face. There are no chakras that supersede the importance of the next, however most of us are predominantly inclined to resonate with 1 or 2 of the chakras from the system. This can lead to balance, disbalance or a middle ground of the 2, but an understanding of which of your chakras are the main focus of your attention, can lead you to balance in the others, and/or understanding how to counterbalance your energies.

Chakras can be to open, to closed or closer to a balanced central point; in this article I will discuss all 3 for each chakra.

You root chakra is to do with survival and grounding. If you are balanced, stable and comfortable in your own skin this shows a good balance of you root. A root chakra that is too open will manifest in being carefree and not taking good enough care to make sure your life is stable. This can often come in the form of erratic and compulsive behaviour which leave you in a vulnerable position to be able to survive. A closed off route chakra can often lead to clinging to things for survival, taking stability no matter the cost- a good example of this would be working a job that is destroying your health, just so you can bring home a paycheck.

Your sacral chakra is related to your sense of enjoyment and sexual energy. Someone with a balanced sacral chakra would have a healthy relationship with sexuality and be able to enjoy themselves without it needing to come at the expense of others. Self love is a strong trait of a healthy sacral chakra, knowing that it’s okay to enjoy life without feeling guilty. A sacral chakra that is too open will often result in sexual promiscuity and engaging in sexual acts (often) without considering the feelings of others. This is also true for the seeking of fun and experience, for example someone who hunts for fun, without taking into the consequence of their actions. Someone with a closed sacral chakra would be sexually timid, perhaps they would not engage in sexual activity at all. Also a lack of fun and the fear of taking up space is a characteristic related to the sacral chakra.

Your solar chakra is related to your personal power and expression of power. Ironically those with a balanced solar chakra will not be overpowering or intimidating, but hold a strong, yet gentle alpha energy. A solar chakra that is too open, is what you would expect from the stereotypical chest beating alpha male- someone whose weakness is masquerading as strength and feels the need to overpower those around them. Someone who is extremely over hyped a lot of the time is often doing so as a result of a disbalance in this area. The opposite is true for someone with a underactive solar chakra- this would come in the form of low energy and lack of confidence. Those with low solar chakra energy will often self pity need the constant approval of others.

Your heart chakra is related to love and you ability to express love. There are many ways to express love, but someone with a balanced heart chakra will radiate love and be the type of person you feel comfortable opening up and expressing yourself with. A healthy heart chakra starts with the self and loving yourself from the core allows you to shine. Someone with a heart chakra that is too open will often express love at the detriment of themselves or the person they are loving. This can manifest in becoming a victim for love, or supporting an addiction for someone as you just want them to be loved, regardless of the consequences. A heart that is closed would be expressed by a cold energy and an inability to express. This is not just true for relationships, but for hobbies, work and other forms of expression. My understanding of the heart is we also use it to process consciousness- your brain is logical, your gut intuitive and your heart related to your soul purpose and your inner knowing of who you are.

Your throat chakra is closely related to your heart and expressing yourself from your soul. Someone with a healthy throat chakra will live in line with that which they know to be their soul work, be comfortable with self expression and have a healthy outlet for creative work. If you are too open in this area, you could be deluded with your talents and be chasing the wrong dream or be full of yourself with your talents. Another sign of a disbalance in this area would be chasing your dreams at the detriment of others, or disregarding the effect your actions have on others. The throat is where your vocal cords are so being to open can lead to an inability to shut up, in the same way being closed can lead to a fear of communication. One who is closed in this area would be quite, shy and afraid to express what they feel.

Your third eye is related to vision and is actually your first eye, due to the pineal gland (1st eye) being created before our eyes during pregnancy. The first eye allows you to communicate in a language that is unseen, some call in psychic communication, it is basically a language that is nonverbal and has an inability to be dishonest. It is a bridge between the spirit and physical reality and is the gland that produces melatonin, the hormone with secrete during the sleep state. Someone with a strong first eye has the ability to envision a situation and see how things may unfold before they do so and have a strong grasp of the singular nature of spirit. Someone with an underactive first eye will often lack imagination, creativity and vision. It is also common for someone with a very closed first eye to feel a massive disconnect with humanity and life in general. An overactive first eye can lead to disorganisation, indulging in psychic fantasies/illusions and lack of clarity. Also feeling that it is their responsibility to inform and awaken the world.

The crown chakra is on the crown of your head and linked to spirit world and the transcendence of the physical reality. Someone with a strong crown chakra will have a strong grasp of the spirit world, but also be able to ground their experience and bring it back to the physical reality. An overactive crown can lead to not being able to keep your feet on the ground, meaning you have your head in the clouds without a strong physical grounding. Sometimes we can experience such beautiful things in altered states that we don’t want to return to the physical reality. This can result in us using spirituality as a reason to escape the physical reality. Someone with a closed crown would be totally disconnected with the spirit world- someone who is a total skeptic of alternate realities and mystical experience, but also general cynicism and closed mindedness.

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