How To Find Your Life Purpose

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“You can fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well do what you love. There is really no choice to be made.” – Jim Carrey

We currently have an epidemic of depression, all time high rates of prescription drug abuse and nearly 50% of people admitting they hate their jobs. The latter is actually being celebrated as a good thing in a recent article from Fortune. The results are in and I think it is clear to see, that something is really wrong with our society.

We should spend around 8 hours a night sleeping. The entire education system is structured to have us working 8 hours a day. This leaves 8 spare hours, much of which is often taken up with travel to and from work, and day to day things we need to to maintain our lives. This leaves a very small window for us to do things outside of work. This is not the life I personally prescribe to or recommend, however, it is the average day to day reality for most people.

Currently we have a system that is built off the back of compliance from a group which for the most part resents complying, and this is the only reason why our society is being violated to the extent it currently is. An empowered society would not tolerate this, and an empowered society starts with personal empowerment. This is the point of this article, to help people realise that we can live an empowered existence the moment we choose to do so.   

It is our birthright to be free, or at least it should be. There is enough land to house everybody, enough food to feed everybody and enough water for everyone’s thirst to be quenched, yet due to poor distribution of this abundance, most people do not get access to it. This changes the moment we choose to change it, and it is through joining others who are already experiencing this freedom that we grow collectively. We often underestimate our personal power and the impact we can have, which is outlined on this funny video on how to create a movement:

Although there is definitely difficulties faced when choosing to free yourself from a system that is designed to oppress, it is far more difficult to actually be a part of the system. It is only the fact that most remain a part that dissuades us from stepping up.

Within the mainstream education system there is no emphasis on finding happiness, building healthy relationships and doing work that sets our soul on fire. So we have to make the effort to do so ourselves and I hope this guide can work to help you with this process.

Tune into your gut

The first step to finding out why you are here is to really learn to trust your gut and heart to make decisions. The brain is a good ally, but not the best for making decisions. You develop your intuitive feel in the gut by maintaining a good diet and your heart through deep healthy breath work such as meditation. The real test comes from trusting your gut and allowing it to guide you in a brain focused society.

Chip away at what you are not

Sometimes asking yourself what you are can leave as feeling confused and lost. It is often a lot more effective to ask what we are not. Look at the top things you spend most of your time doing and ask are these things something that I actually want to be doing? Do this not just for work, but for your social and relaxation time. If in doubt add it to the list.


Once you chip away at what you are not you will be left with a few things that you identify as those which you enjoy. These are the things you should take notice of, as they will offer you a feeling which can be turned into values. If you work against those things that at your core bring you satisfaction it will manifest in all kinds of complications. Values will show you what you live by and can work as a road map to avoiding the things that clash.

Return to your childhood

Another way to find values is to return to your childhood. If you can remember the things you enjoyed while you were living a little closer to your intuitive and pure state, you can create a list from that. Again it is not always the thing you done, but the feeling. If you liked getting naked and rolling around in the mud, you probably like the feeling of freedom and don’t have to relive the naked mud rolling…. Unless you want too.

Compromise (sometimes)

As I have said life is hard, no matter what- so you have to learn what you can live with when you don’t feel to much like doing life. This also works in another way- sometimes the path of discovery may require us to do things we are not 100% aligned with. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and allow for a little bullshit.

What is worth stepping out your comfort zone for?

Sometimes we will find ourselves in moments of extreme discomfort, do you want to do that in someone else’s board room, building someone else’s dreams, or in front of a room full of people who love and support you, building your own dreams. Suffering and pain is a part of living, only suffer for things that are worth it.

Make the decision

Something magical happens when we make the decision to step up and be counted. This doesn’t mean it will be easy, often it gets tough, before it gets easier. However, once you make the decision deep inside of you, there is no other option on the table.

This can be helped along with affirmations which you fully embody while saying, expressing gratitude for that which is yet to show up, when you show thanks for simply being alive, and seeing the miracles which already exist in your world.

Life purpose is not always specific  

We can often think of a life purpose as a specific job or role, but often it is not. It can be doing something that makes you feel a specific way and even many different things under one umbrella. Sometimes clarity is not always present with purpose, ideally it is, but this can often take time.

Create a statement

Finally create a statement and let it out to the world, this can be you saying that you are now making the commitment to finding your purpose, or if you know it commiting to carrying it out.

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews run a recent study including 267 people from all over the world. She seperated the participants into 2 groups- those who wrote down their vision, and those who didn’t. The results: you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Thanks for reading! Much love to you and I hope today you do whatever fills your heart with joy. Please share this article.

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