Father-Son Duo Help Create 51,000 New Beehive Colonies With Amazing Invention


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

In recent years, the world has finally begun to take notice of the drastically declining bee populations, and people are starting to understand the impact that this could have on the ecosystem. Slowly, people who care are working to correct this problem with some inventive solutions.

The father-son duo behind the “Flow Hive” took notice of this problem over ten years ago, and worked tirelessly to make their honey business more friendly to the bees.

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After roughly a decade of research, Stuart and Cedar Anderson released an Indiegogo-funded invention called “Flow Hive.”

The idea behind their invention was to replicate a real beehive and harvest honey without causing any harm or posing any risk to the bees or their home.

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Cedar Anderson is a third-generation beekeeper from Nimbin, Australia, and has been tinkering with beehives and the associated technology since he was a young child.

Cedar was inspired to create a harm free beehive after his brother was stung during the honey extraction process.

Eventually, once Cedar had a working prototype, he put a video online showing the prototype and explaining his idea, hoping to raise $70,000 for a tool that was needed for the factory.

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However, much to the family’s surprise, the IndieGoGo campaign raised over $2 million dollars in one day, and would go on to be the most successful campaign in the website’s history, raising over $12 million in total.

In just a single day, the Andersons’ lives were changed forever, and they were left with the monumental task of shipping out 24,000 orders to over 130 countries.

the flow hive

However, instead of just retiring and enjoying their riches, the Andersons have donated their profits towards a network of pollination projects that are working to protect wild habitats.

“We’re proud to have donated 100% of profits from the sale of our Flow Pollinator House to nine local grassroots pollinator projects in Australia and the United States that are at work protecting wild habitats all around the world. Pollinators need large areas of habitat to flourish—the more we can do to protect and conserve native habitats, the more opportunities these tiny environmental champions will have to do their important work,” Cedar said.

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As the video below shows, the Flow beehive is a game-changer in beekeeping. This invention makes the process far more efficient for the beekeepers and much safer for the bees.


The Flow Hive and the newer Flow Hive 2 can be purchased from the Honey Flow website.

Earlier this year, Truth Theory reported that actor Morgan Freeman turned his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a sanctuary for bees. Freeman said that the bees seem to appreciate his help. He has never been stung while working with the bees, and he doesn’t even wear any protective gear.

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