Farmers Can Use Ducks To Kill Pests Rather Than Poisonous Pesticides

Farmers Can Use Ducks To Kill Pests

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Farmers in some countries prefer ducks and geese over pesticides when it comes to controlling bugs, snails, and weeds in crop plantations.

It proves to be an organic solution as the birds eat the pests and then release their own waste back into the fields, effectively fertilizing the land.

It’s a problem all farmers face: keeping their produce safe from a range of potential threats.

Pests can attack crops at any time of the growth cycle. Weeds detract nutrients from plants.

The issue with pesticides and herbicides is that they can pollute water sources and damage ecosystems.
They can also alter PH levels in the soil. And at the end of the production chain, they’re probably present in the food on our tables.

Using an organic method instead is a great solution. The ducks or geese cut out the poison factor and the associated expenses, as well as decreasing labor costs. Ultimately, farming with ducks has been shown to increase profits.

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Several countries in Asia including Japan, China, and Vietnam have been making use of these methods in rice plantations.

Tests have also been carried out in China’s Mekong Delta and yielded very positive results in favor of using ducks for pest and weed control.

More farmers around the world are finding that ducks or geese are the best solutions to pest control and the methods are now also being used in India, Iraq, France, and South Africa among other countries.

Indian runner ducks are reported to be the best breed to use. And of course, the ducks themselves can potentially be consumed or sold; farms in Asia simultaneously farm ducks and rice.

The animals are also low maintenance in terms of looking after.

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