Farmer Saves Fox Cubs by Performing Emergency C-Section on Dead Mother Hit by Car

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Not everyone would stop to help after seeing a wild animal gets hit by a car. But 24-year-old Chris Rolfe, a farmer from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, isn’t like everyone else. In early March, Rolfe was driving back to his home when he saw a fox get hit by a passing car. He stopped to make sure she survived the collision. Unfortunately, the fox was killed on impact. 

After noticing movement in her stomach, Rolfe realized the vixen was pregnant. He didn’t have much time, so he immediately performed an emergency C-section on the dead mother. One by one, he pulled out four unborn cubs who survived the accident.

After rescuing the cubs, Rolfe brought them to his mother, Jean. GoodNewsNetwork reports that Jean, the mastermind behind Wild by Nature Photography, has cared for a number of baby hedgehogs, rabbits, foxes, and other critters throughout the years.

The mother-son team cleaned up the cubs, swaddled them in blankets and bottle-fed them puppy milk every twenty minutes. Now, the pups are healthy and nearly fully-grown at 7 weeks.

“Chris wasn’t expecting them to survive, but he wanted to try,” Jean told BBC. “It’s miraculous they did.”

The foxes, named Ginger, Biscuit, Little-Tip, and Big-Tip, are frequently featured on Jean’s photography Facebook page. As you might expect, followers can’t get enough of their big ears and adorable noses.

It won’t be long before Jean hands the foxes over to The Fox Project. Although Jean and her son will be sad to part with the pups, they will be well cared for. All four will eventually be introduced into the wild.

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Images via Wild by Nature

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