Facebook’s Anti-Fake News Campaign Backfires As People Start Trolling It For Censorship Of Free Speech

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By Mike Sygula,

You might have seen the recent ad campaign from Facebook where they try to promote how they combat “fake news” and remove “fake accounts”. We all know that there has been a lot of misinformation and hoaxes being shared on the platform. However, their actions now seem to go way beyond removing misinformation and it seems like they are removing any content or accounts that they don’t like.

Only this year several pages have been removed by Facebook, some sharing controversial information, some perhaps sharing hoaxes. The truth is that it is very hard to know what is true and what is not if you question the official story, which often is false anyway but approved by the majority. For example, 9/11 conspiracy theories might be considered fake news by Facebook or Youtube, but it does not mean that claims coming from people who promote those stories aren’t unjustified. There are enormous inconsistencies in the official 9/11 story and many experts, including over 3000  architects and engineers, do not buy into the official story. Even some members of the 9/11 commision themselves have raised their concerns about the official story, some resigned from the board of the commission as a result. The fact that the third tower collapsed in almost free fall speed (Building 7), and it was not hit by any plane, is still a mystery to many experts.

The current “cracking down” on “fake news” coming from giants like Facebook or Youtube, is nothing more than blatant censorship of views that are challenging the official narrative. Only recently Infowars and all profiles of Alex Jones have been removed from Youtube, Facebook, and a few other platforms without showing any evidence for any violations.

The current trend is quite disturbing, but fortunately, a lot of users of the social media giant are aware of their censorship and started raising their concerns all over Facebook. The most active comments under one of their ad videos where Facebook tries to “promote how they combat fake news” are all about their recent censorship:

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