Why Everyone Should Start Using Hemp Toilet Paper Instead Of Regular One

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Hemp has been used as a raw material for the longest time in human history. The material’s vast potential extends from sturdy ropes to one of the earliest materials for sails in ships. Today, as we continue our search for more promising eco-friendly materials, hemp is near the top of the list.

Among the materials that hemp can be used to make is environment-friendly toilet paper. There are several reasons why hemp is perfect for toilet paper as well as several advantages that come with it.

Why Choose Hemp Toilet Paper?

Most of our daily household items (be it toothpaste or candles) are extremely damaging to the environment. And toilet paper is one of them. A common American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper annually.

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Traditionally, toilet paper is made of wood pulp. This is a major cause of deforestation which can push animals and habitats towards extinction. Next comes the process of production where the wood pulp is treated with several harsh chemicals (including bleach) which turns it into the white, soft toilet paper we know. These chemicals are released into waterways, polluting them and damaging natural habitats.

Finally, toilet paper is not very biodegradable, because of the chemicals present. Rather, as it biodegrades more chemicals are released into the surroundings.

Compared to that, hemp is completely renewable and much more biodegradable. Also, its procurement can take place without nearly as many negative environmental impacts. Here are the top reasons why hemp toilet paper is so much better:

1. It Is Almost Completely Biodegradable

The manufacture of hemp toilet paper does not need toxins and chemicals like the regular variety. Therefore, they can biodegrade without adding harmful chemicals to the environment. Similarly, it can compost safely in the septic tank or our city’s waterways.

Additionally, hemp biodegrades much faster and requires a lot less water than traditional toilet paper. Hemp is actually the most biodegradable tissue paper that exists.

2. It Is Softer Than Traditional Toilet Paper

Hemp toilet paper is made of bast fibers. These fibers exist in the inner part of a hemp plant’s stem. They are also naturally softer than any other fiber in the plant. Hemp is not the only source of bast fibers. Some other plants that have them are banana plants and linen (flax).

Because of these fibers, hemp toilet paper is supple and soft which is a great feature for toilet paper. Wood pulp, the source of usual toilet paper, is less flexible and coarser.

3. It Is Much More Durable

Hemp is among the most durable and strongest natural fibers. Bast fibers are just as durable as they are soft. Hemp toilet paper can also absorb almost 4 times its weight in water. This makes them perfect for paper towels and toilet paper.

4. It Is Naturally Antibacterial

There are several natural antifungal and antibacterial properties of hemp fibers, such as alkaloids and cannabinoids. This means hemp toilet paper reduces the chance of getting our sensitive parts infected. Compared to that, regular papers can cause UTIs, yeast infections, and general discomfort.

5. It Is Renewable

You might think that wood pulp is renewable since trees can regrow. But it is actually not the case. This is because old-growth trees are the usual sources of wood pulp. These forests have grown over several thousand years, so no, they are not renewable at all.

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Compared to that, hemp can be grown and harvested in only 70 days. Additionally, hemp plants have the power to rebalance the nutrient content in the soil. This means that new crops do not need chemical fertilizers either.

Hemp Toilet Paper Available Today

It is natural if you want to switch to hemp toilet paper after getting to know all of its benefits. However, unfortunately, the product is not readily available. This makes it a fair bit costlier than regular toilet paper as well.

Nevertheless, companies such as Hempies Paper are one of the best sources of the product. Other than that, Alibaba marketplace has a variety of suppliers of hemp toilet paper.

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