Ethiopia Plans To Plant 4 Billion Trees To Save The Planet


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Every man ought to plant a tree once in his lifetime and that would mean an additional 5-6 billion trees. All our life, our past, our present, and our future, and all our hope and wisdom are stored in the trees. The infinite vitality of the green has to be grasped by every human being, for he alone of all the species on earth, is ignorant of its vitality and significance.

Recently Ethiopia officially launched an annual seedling plantation initiative that they have planned on a massive scale all across the nation. Deforestation is a matter of national concern in Ethiopia as it has affected the climate and economy of the drought-prone nation in North Africa.

phpXhvVGkImage: Twitter/PMEthiopia

A 4-billion Tree Initiative

The initiative was launched by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed when he planted the first of what he plans to be a nationwide project to plant 4-billion trees.

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In February 2019 he shared his dream of an environmental movement spearheaded by the youth of the nation. Ethiopia is home to many unique forms of flora and fauna. And they are in danger of extinction. He discussed ways to modernize the sector. In June 2019 he launched the National Green Development Program (NGDP) to plant 4 billion trees throughout Ethiopia.

The campaign is expected to help in the forestation of 2.5 million acres. 75% of the seedlings will come from the government with private players chipping in with the rest.

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The Prime Minister hopes to inspire volunteers on a national scale for his 4-billion tree initiative. He hopes to arrest landslides by planting quick growing bamboo-grasses. The overall cost is expected to be around $548 million USD.

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The project is ambitious and radical, typical of past initiatives undertaken by the PM. Only 11.9% of Ethiopia is forested or about 13,000,000 hectares(around 32,000,000 acres). Forest fires, both natural

and man-made, use of wood as fuel, commercial farming and resettlement are the cause of the loss of forests in Ethiopia, which loses an average of 140.900 hectares (350,000 acres) each year.


Forestation on this scale requires careful consideration of the local environment. But once these things are taken care of, large scale forestation is achievable.

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php1iEIPvImage: Twitter/PMEthiopia

The African Great Green Wall Initiative: A Corridor Of Hope For The Continent

This project is spearheaded by all the leading nations of Africa with a single dream – to help grow an 8,000 km long corridor of trees across the width of the entire continent. It is expected to provide food, livelihood, and a sustainable future for millions of Africans who are at the frontline of rapid climatic changes. The corridor is expected to become the largest living structure breathing on this planet and a New World wonder.

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