Esoteric Breakdown Of Rick And Morty’s Psychedelic Scene

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The following video was taken from Paradigm Shift Central and breaks down a psychedelic scene from the Rick and Morty episode “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy”. The scene is packed with esoteric symbolism and psychedelic imagery which clearly has hidden meaning, but is also open to interpretation.

The scene includes:

The Raven (Or Crow) which is known to be a messenger from the spirit dimension and can also represent transmutation.

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The Light/Dark Duality which is thought to relate to the physical reality and the light and dark that exists within all of us. This could also be thought of as God and The Devil.

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Psychedelic Transmutation

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Baphomet this is the symbol often associated with the devil, but when you actually look at the image it seems to more closely represent the alchemical process and duality in the physical reality.

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This representation of Baphomet is actually shown as separate from each other in comparison to the typical image of Baphomet which is usually the goat headed hermaphrodite.

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Merging Duality The scene then continues with the male and female Baphomet merging and becoming Jerry. This is the symbolic merging of the divine masculine and divine feminine, to become whole. The scene also contains the symbology of the pyramid and the eye- which could be thought of as- the all seeing eye, the eye of Ra, the eye of Horus or many other ideas that the eye represents.   

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The scene is packed with imagery, cryptic messages and symbolism. You can watch the full (and more in depth) video breakdown here:

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