England Will Finally Ban Wild Animals From Traveling Circuses


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There was a time when the chief highlight of circuses were the elephants and lions used to display as objects. Of course, we were excited about it – humans controlling wild animals have a tinge of power play in it. But now, we have evolved mentally. We know that animals are not objects to be set out for display. The fight had been a hard one. For one, we understood that people in the circus did not treat animals properly. As a 2016 study showed, animals in traveling circuses were not treated as they should be. Let’s not even forget the objectification of animals too.


Yet traveling circuses continue to keep animals on board since they are not legally bound to use them. It was reported that 19 animals were associated with traveling circuses in Britain last year which included zebras, a raccoon, and camels. But this year, there comes a change. Michael Gove, the environment secretary, has announced a new Bill that will ban the use of animals like reindeer, camels or deer in traveling circuses.

The Bill called the Wild Animals in Circuses Bill will stop the circuses operating in England to display wild animals as a ‘object’. It is an effort not only to conserve animals but to also develop a better understanding among humans and animals. According to Gove, the 21st Century is not the time for wild animals to be put on display by traveling circuses and the legislation will ensure that it is put to an end, finally. It will also ban the sale of ivory to defend elephant population and implement Finn’s law to protect animals providing service. The commitment was made back in 2018 and it is quite great that it was finally following through.


Many animal welfare activists are really happy with this news which includes Dr. Chris Draper, who is the Head of Animal Welfare & Captivity at the Born Free Foundation. Born Free has waited for quite some time for this issue to get resolved and now that it has finally come to an end, the organization is extremely pleased.


The outdated practice of using wild animals in circuses is getting banned in many countries and finally, England can be a proud member of that group. The Head of Public Affairs at the RSPCA, David Bowles, also welcomed this move against this outdated and cruel practice. According to him, it is time that ‘animal circus’ is put in the dark corner of history books as we move forward towards an enlightened period.

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The President of Animal Defenders International, Jan Creamer,  claimed that they are delighted with the legislation. Animals Defenders has examined and documented the cruelty that animals face in the UK circuses. What was necessary was this nation-wide ban which has finally been put in place.

As governments are starting to take a step to make a better world for us and wildlife, we can finally say that a better future is just around the corner. Winter is slowly passing – can spring be far behind?

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