Employee Quits Job Because He Didn’t Get A Promised Raise, Company Loses $3m As A Result

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It is quite depressing if an employee does not get the praise he deserves for his efforts. Most of them are unable to see their true worth because of the false image that the company creates of them. The employees have to settle for less wages and put in extra work to prove their worth at the workplace.

An ex-general contractor shared his story about he managed to realize his true worth to the company. The company had faced a loss of $3 million because of the abrupt exit of the employee.

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The person had started from the bottom of the ladder and had reached the foreman before getting the position of a general contractor.

He shared his story on Reddit and said, “Owners didn’t want to give me what I deserved, now they are about to lose a $3 million contract because I resigned,” he titled the post under r/antiwork.

Employee Goes Through Struggle To Reach The Top

u/tcrambo introduced himself as a Project Manager at an unlimited commercial GC. He was taught that hard work and dedication make one successful, so, 6 years ago he picked up a hammer and got to work. He had no previous experience before joining the firm. He took in everything that he could while working in the construction industry. 


The employee put in his blood and sweat and pushed himself more than others. He was eventually recognized by the upper-level managers.

Getting Appreciated For his Hardwork, Verbally

“It started small and the Board of Directors for the HOA told me they loved my professionalism, work ethic, and ability to complete projects on time, and under budget. We won a big contract because of that small project. That was 3 years ago.” the employee said. He then took up the responsibilities of a project manager and took care of the bills, material orders, and meetings with the board members.

“All the while the board of directors telling me how appreciative they are and how they’ve gone through 5 different contractors in the years before committing to my company because of my management and quality of work. This boosted my confidence and I went to the owners asking for the raise they promised me 1 year ago for my production. They told me “the experience you’re gaining is far more valuable,” I said you’re right.”

The Employee Moved On To Better Things

“I put my resume on public, got contacted by a headhunter, just accepted an offer this week for $80k a year salary, full benefits, 28 days PTO including holidays, in the office now ( no more working from the field full in my own truck), Laptop, wifi in my truck for on the go billing when I visit the out of state projects, $80 per diem, 100% matching 401k for the first 3 years of my employment, quarterly bonus programs,” he said.

As it is commonly said ‘someone’s trash is someone’s treasure.’, u/tcrambo found several firms that appreciated his hard work and dedication and offered to pay him accordingly. Out of the several companies, he found only one which compensated him heavily. The remuneration difference between the two firms was like heaven and hell. 


“The company I’m with now only pays me 40k and that’s it none of the above-listed benefits. The final nail in the coffin was when the owners bragged about how much my project made in a company meeting and then denied me a Christmas bonus.” the employee said.

He had enough of the disrespect and let his HR know that he was leaving. The HR was completely baffled and informed the President that he was going to resign as they could not match the other firm’s offer.

“His eyes got big and requested a meeting with the owners and expressed serious concern about moving forward with the new project without my involvement.”

The employee felt appreciated and the president’s hesitation validated his years of hard work, as he knew that they had no one to replace him.

The Episode Worked Out In His Favor

“I began this company as a worker ended up, dating one of the owners’ daughters and am now engaged to marry. I’m not exaggerating about my current pay it’s $21 hourly. I feel he uses the “family” excuse as a reason to keep me underpaid.” he said. He also explained that his to-be father-in-law was the one controlling his paycheck. He only earned $33K annually after taxes and his wife motivated him to leave his previous job. Thanks to her, he now has a well-paying job.

u/tcrambo is extremely happy with how everything turned out and has not stopped smiling. The firm did appreciate him and knew exactly how much he was worth to the company. It was because of his FIL’s stingy behavior that they lost him. 

The employee could not have hoped for a better ending.

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