Emergency Igloo Shelters Help Homeless People In France Survive Freezing Temperatures


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Meet Geoffrey de Reynal, a french engineer who dedicates his time to providing shelter for France’s homeless population. The waterproof shelters known as the “Iglou”, are made of polyethylene foam and aluminum foil. When someone is inside, their body temperature heats the Igloo up and can make the shelter 15 degrees warmer than outside.

Reynal wanted to do something about the high rates of homelessness in his country and used his innovative skills to create a pop-up shelter that he can gift to those less fortunate than himself. So far, he has developed 20 shelters and distributed it to those in need. Through crowdfunding, Reynal has also raised over $22,000 and his plan is to use this money to develop further models. By next winter, Reynal’s mission is to have thousands of igloo shelters ready for those who will be seeking refuge from the cold.

Reynal is not the only one taking action to help the homeless in his country, various other initiatives have emerged too. According to The Connexion, a homeless family in Marseille were able to move in to a “portable and independent” house equipped with solar panels for energy. In Alsace, an online community work together to distribute tents and stoves, and in Strasbourg, teachers are offering accomodation in their own homes for homeless students.

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