Elon Musk Took Gayle King On A Test Drive Of The Boring Company Tunnel [Video]


By Amanda Froelich / Truth Theory

Several years ago, tech genius Elon Musk was sitting in his car during Los Angeles rush hour when he decided he was done with “traffic hell.” So, he began to brainstorm possible solutions to the worsening congestion in crowded cities. Eventually, he decided that the answer to piled up traffic is underground transportation. So, he founded the aptly-named Boring Company and got to work.

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It has been several years since the initial idea was “Tweeted” to followers on social media. Though Musk received hoards of criticism for his idea to develop underground infrastructure for autonomous vehicle transportation, he persisted. Now, the Hawthorne Tunnel is complete. And last Tuesday, Musk took CBS anchor Gayle King on a test drive through the Boring Company’s proof-of-concept tunnel.

Watch the clip below:

According to the company’s website, the test tunnel is located in Hawthorne, California, and is only being used for research and development. As a result, it is not open to the public, nor will it be used in the eventual network of underground highways.

The tunnel is just 1.2 miles long and extends from the SpaceX property to a parking lot behind a closed business. King and Musk tested the autonomous vehicle technology as it sped around 20 mph on the track. According to Musk, the self-driving vehicle can reach speeds beyond 120 mph. But, King was interested in testing its speed capabilities. 

Musk mentioned that the average tunnel costs $900 million per mile. But, Boring Company completed the tunnel for just $10 million. The feat was accomplished by turning excess dirt into bricks which were sold for 10 cents. Musk said he literally made it “dirt cheap” to ensure the infrastructure was — and will be — developed.

After the ride concluded, King exclaimed: “That was scary but that was kind of cool!”  

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