Why You Should Be Eating Raw Cannabis

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By Jess Murray Truth Theory

Marijuana in its raw form has no psychoactive properties, and is actually considered to be a superfood. The unique plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds and a wide variety of vitamins, essential oils, and acids. These known properties of the plant have led experts such as Dr. William Courtney to call it a “dietary essential.” Studies have found that marijuana is a highly nutritious herb, due to its extremely high concentrations of cannabinoid acids, which are important for the basic function of cells.

Two of the primary cannabinoid acids that have been studied more than others are THCa and CBDa. When these are heated through smoking, vaping, or cooking cannabis, they are broken down into slightly different chemicals, and therefore converted into their “active” form, known as decarboxylation. In this form, the body can only handle a small amount of it, in comparison to cannabis in its raw form which the body can process in large amounts. These acids are converted by the body into the nutrients needed, via your own metabolism.

Some reports have stated that consuming more cannabinoid acids could be the key to the prevention of chronic diseases caused by endocannabinoid deficiencies. These deficiencies are thought to be a big contributing factor in the development of medical conditions including migraines, irritable bowl syndrome, glaucoma and fibromyalgia.

As with consuming other greens, cannabis in its raw form contains many nutrients and proteins. One of these is Terpenes, which are essentials oils that provide many benefits including anti-inflammatory, analgesic and strengthening of the functioning of the nervous systems. Another is omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are essential for brain health. Similar to this, raw cannabis also contains essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce by itself, as is the case with omega acids. These are necessary for cell function, and help cells to maintain their structure, repair damaged tissue, and help them transport nutrients around the body.

Although more research needs to be done about the way in which raw cannabis works in the human body, experts including Dr. Courtney have stated that incorporating it into your diet allows you to consume over 60 times as many cannabinoids in one sitting, which comes with an array of health benefits.

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