“Don’t Look Up” Has A Hidden Scene After The Credits That Most People Are Missing

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The following article contains spoilers from the movie “Don’t Look Up”, read at your own risk.

You might have already watched the movie on your streaming platform and have felt that the movie was a bit strange. It was directed and written by Adam McKay and was a satire about the country’s problem when they deny solving a crisis.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence starred in the movie and were the first to discover a comet hurtling towards Earth. It will surely end life on the planet but the astronomers discovered that no one actually cared about the cataclysmic event.

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McKay stated that the movie was a metaphor for climate change deniers but the viewers saw several similarities to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An example of this was how “looking up” became politicized, which seemed similar to the mask mandates during the pandemic.

The astronomers had found a solution to save the planet but the President called it off at the last minute to make more money.

They finally decided to break the asteroid into pieces and let it hit the Earth to mine for the minerals.

The ending scenes of the film seem more absurd.


There were two end credits in Don’t Look Up which most people had missed.

We made a breakdown of the scenes from Don’t Look Up and tried to explain the scenes as much as we could.

What Was The Significance Of The Don’t Look Up Ending?

Peter Irsherwell had hatched up a plan to stop the asteroid but had failed miserably to do so. Both Peter and Janie Orlean (The President) played by Meryl Streep, lied and went to the bathroom and fled the room after they realized their mistake. They actually had an escape plan for themselves. Their plan was to freeze themselves and escape on a spaceship to find a planet that could support life. Around 2000 of the wealthiest people agreed to such a plan and escaped the impending doom. Don’t Look Up clearly showed us how the captain of the ship escaped from her vessel and thought about saving her own life, even though she was behind the entire conspiracy.

Dr. Randall Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, was offered a spot on the spacecraft but he turned it down. He chose to spend his last moments eating dinner with his family, Kate /(Jennifer Lawrence), Yule ( Timothee Chalamet), and Dr. Teddy (Rob Morgan). They participate in a healthy conversation while the Earth shakes all around them.

The End Credits Scene Was More Interesting Than The Ending Itself

The first end credit scene took place after 22,740 years on a different planet. The escape ship filled with the wealthiest people had found another planet with life. They wake up naked in a paradise where the level of oxygen was higher than that of planet Earth.

Meryl Streep  saw a strange creature and approached it with wonder, “My goodness, what is that beautiful creature!”

The creature immediately ate her face, instantly killing her. Mark Rylance declared that the name of the creature was indeed a “Bronteroc” which fulfilled his prediction of how she would die.

The second end-credit of Don’t Look Up came at the end of the credits.

Jason Orlean, played by Jonah Hill, was seen crawling out of the rubble. He was the President’s son but was forgotten by her when she escaped. Apparently, he had survived the apocalypse and was the last man on the planet. The first thing that he did was to call out for his mother and whip out his cellphone to post a video, “What’s up y’all, I’m the last man on earth! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!”


This was the final ending of Don’t Look Up, for reals. It was quite absurd but an appropriate ending for a movie that did not pull its punches when it came to presenting something satirical.

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