Dog Steals GoPro Camera And Records “Perfect” Footage


By Mayuk Saha

There are only a few things as adorable as a doggo. I would not be exaggerating if I said that they can light up our worlds in seconds. If you have a pet, and you have had a bad day, you know that once you go home and see your dog that has been waiting for you all day; your day would become infinitely better. No matter what went wrong, a small woof would make you smile, every time you hear it. That is the magic about animals. With them around, we can never be lonely.
If you are like me and do not have a pet because your apartment building would not allow one, or if your roommate has allergies or if you live with your parents and your mom would not let you get one- do not lose heart. The internet will always be there for you.
This video features a doggo with a toy in his mouth, running around with his big flappy ears and his big and soft eyes and I will bet anything that it will make your day.
What is the most special thing about these beings is that they do not realise how pure and adorable they are!
I mean, I am sure they are totally unaware of the fact that when they have fallen asleep in some corner, being the goofs that they are, they look like little angels who could save a soul in pain.
This is why psychiatrists all over the world use dogs to help soothe mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, manic disorders and so on. They always understand you and love you unconditionally.
They have no demands, except maybe food and some occasional treats here and there. They are one of the best things that humans have been blessed with.
I would not be wrong to say that humans truly do not deserve dogs.
If you are having a bad day, watch the video and watch things starting to feel alright. If someone you know is sad, send it to them and make their day.

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