Doctor Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Reusing Rectal Devices Over 100 Times On Patients

Doctor with handcuffs

Last week, Roger Beyer, a former Kalamazoo doctor was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison for reusing single-use rectal devices on multiple patients and committing health care fraud. In addition to the dangerous practice of reusing medical devices, he also had an elaborate scheme where he charged for services that were never given.

U.S. District Judge Janet T. Neff in Grand Rapids sentenced Beyer to serve 4 years and 9 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay $883,292 in restitution.

Beyer owned two practices, Urological Solutions of Michigan and Women’s Health Care Specialists, both of which were located in Oshtemo Township. He also treated patients at a variety of other offices throughout the state, mostly in the Traverse City, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo areas. He worked mostly with elderly patients.

At a previous hearing in May, Beyer pleaded guilty to conspiracy to committing health care fraud and admitted to directing his staff to reuse single-use anorectal manometry catheters on multiple patients as part of an initial diagnostic study with patients with potential fecal incontinence, according to MLive.

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A nurse at Women’s Health Care Specialists in Kalamazoo estimated that the devices were used over 100 times before being replaced. The nurse filed an administrative complaint about the issue in May of 2019.

Beyer’s wife, nurse practitioner Susan E. Wright, also faced charges. In May, she pleaded guilty to misprision of health care fraud and the adulteration of a medical device. In September, Wright was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to pay $5,000 in fines and $462,000 in restitution.

Mark Sabor, a former office manager for the pair also faced charges. Back in June Sabor was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay $914,564 in restitution, after pleading guilty to health care fraud.

In addition to reusing the devices, Sabor and Beyer admitted to scamming Medicare by charging for expensive procedures that weren’t even done.

By John Vibes / Truth Theory


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