Did Roman Book Burning Conceal The Pagan Origins Of Christianity?


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

In the times of the Roman empire they had created different sects of Christianity, condemning mystical teachings. Had information contradicting this came out, it would have been seen as a threat to their empire.

In approximately A.D. 389 Alexandria’s library was burned down at the order of Roman Emperor Theodosius the Great. Within this library it is believed there were  700,000 books on subjects such as health, science, astronomy mysticism and magic. Within these secret doctrine, it is believed that there could have been information on the Origins Of Christianity and the missing time in which the life of Jesus has remained a mystery.

Manly P Hall States in The Secret Teachings Of All Ages:

There are persistent rumors that Jesus visited and studied in both Greece and India, and that a coin struck in His honor in India during the first century has been discovered. Early Christian records are known to exist in Tibet, and the Monks of a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon still preserve a record which indicates that Jesus sojourned with them and became conversant with their philosophy.

Although early christianity shows every evidence of Oriental influence, this is a subject the modern church declines to discuss. If it’s ever established beyond question that Jesus was an initiate of the pagan Greek or Asiatic Mysteries, the effect on the more conservative members of the Christian faith is likely to be cataclysmic.


This is the subject of the video below entitled: Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library of Alexandria

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