Is Depression A Sane Reaction To An Insane Society?

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Depression is one of the most common mental health issues faced, with an estimated 300 million people across the globe suffering from it, but is the problem the disorder or the society that could be possible for its creation?

Depression can be a crippling condition which often leaves you feeling as if there is no hope in the world at all. It definitely varies in its extremities from person to person and can manifest as a mild bout lasting a few weeks, up to multiple years (or a lifetime) of complete loss.

The question is- Is depression a sane reaction to the society we are living in?

The default view of depression is that something is wrong with the sufferer, the person has a chemical imbalance in the brain or there is a diseased that needs fixing. The general consensus from those who are treating depression (and even the ones suffering) is the depressed person has a problem, that needs to be fixed. The steps that usually follow are the person suffering should seek out help, such as therapy and/or medication.

But what if the problem is only in part with the person, meaning, they cannot switch off from a society which is clearly broken in many areas. Many people do not wake up and think of the refugee crisis, child labour, slavery, financial inequality, animal abuse, racism, sexism or the poor distribution and hoarding of global resources. This does not mean that these problems are not real.

Much of the real world can be an extremely depressing place outside of our own individual bubble. This is not to say that we cannot be happy alongside this suffering, but if we are viewing mental health as an individual problem, when (in part) it is a collective one it could affect the way we go about dealing with the issue. This is not to divert individual responsibility as regardless of the external world, we can still create a happy internal world, however, knowing the trigger/s can work to understand the problem a little better.

I don’t want this post to seem like everything is doom and gloom. The reality is there are so many beautiful things in this world, and where you put your attention is certainly the area that grows. But with that in mind there are so many things that are fundamentally wrong about society, and pretending they don’t exist in the name of positivity is to deny the obvious.

The fact is the way society is structured is not okay and many of our daily issues come as a result of this. It is okay to be outraged by society, you should be and if you are not, maybe you are missing something. I believe that many mental health issues are just a normal reaction to a society that is seeing injustice and suffering unnecessarily unfolding in front of its eyes. Let us know what you think! Much love, Luke

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