Denver Will Offer Jobs To Homeless People To Eliminate Poverty!


By Jess Murray Truth Theory

The city of Denver has just launched a new scheme that will give hundreds of homeless people paying jobs to better their lives.

Titled the ‘Denver Day Works Program’, which began on the 1st November, it will offer jobs to people who currently have nowhere to live, and will include jobs in the city such as park maintenance, planting trees and clearing snow.

The works program is planning on running until October next year and has a goal of engaging about 300 people, which will hopefully lead to many of those moving on to permanent and long-term jobs, with their help of their newfound skills and experience from the proposed scheme.

The spokesperson for Denver Human Services, Julie Smith said, “we want it to be low to no barriers. No background checks. Do you want to work? We’re going to put you to work today.”

The purpose of this test run of the new scheme is designed to gage the success of the program, with the hope of turning into a much bigger and more influential program which will then encourage other cities to do the same.

Those who choose to join will be paid a starting wage of $12.59 an hour and can choose between working a half day or full day.

Once each candidate who continues with the scheme has earned a maximum of $600, the hope is for them to be connected with more permanent jobs which will provide them with a consistent income, keeping them off the streets. The connections will come from Bayaud which includes work in the private sector or the city.

The participants of the scheme will be given all of the equipment that they will need for each specific job, including gloves, eye and ear protection, as well as being provided with lunch each day that they work. They will also be provided with financial planning from KeyBank for those who require the extra assistance.

The scheme is creating new jobs for the city’s homeless population, which means that current working people will not lose any of their existing hours or wages.

Danny Tims, who is a participant in the program, and learnt about the project only a week ago, said that the project is “off the chain. It’s super, I’m very happy.” Danny is currently planting trees for over $12 an hour, and understands that his payment is fairly high above minimum wage.

City officials of Denver have a lot of faith that this new scheme will help with their city’s homelessness problem, by encouraging those people to get up everyday and have something meaningful to do, whilst becoming contributing members to society, whilst also hoping that it could eventually lead to those once homeless people being able to rent their own residence and provide for themselves.

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