Delta Ordered By Department Of Transportation To Allow Pit Bulls As Service Animals On Flights

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
As with all good things, some people really mess it up. With more and more fake Emotional Support Animals coming on board, it was just the proper time that most airlines cracked down on animals boarding flights. One such was the emotional support peacock. Like really?

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But the Transportation Department has come down heavily on the crackdown laws brought forth by such airline companies. The airline company Delta has mentioned that there has been an 84% increase in the amount of ESA related incidents in flights. But they have banned pit bull and pit bull mixed breeds, after one bit flight attendants in an Atlanta – Tokyo flight. 

While Delta is genuinely sympathetic towards people who require service animals, they aren’t happy with the incidents that keep taking place. Precisely why, untrained pit bulls or other dog breeds are not allowed on flights. The company told People magazine that while they did hesitate before putting up the ban, they had no other choice.

But with a new regulation coming up from the Department of Transportation, such airline companies would have to let animals in, under the Americans with Disability Act. As the law goes, they aren’t allowed to discriminate between any breed that is registered and allowed by law to be in the flight. Also, as the Air Carrier Access goes, one can’t also discriminate against a specific service animal, airline officials said. So, you must have guessed it already- labradoodles and rottweilers in the same flight.

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Yet, it is not as arbitrary as it looks. Airline companies might not outright ban animals from getting onboard, but
they can still enquire about the animal, and ask for its card or any such document that would satisfy its case. And if they are found to be a threat in closed quarters, the airline can ban them. But proper protocol must be followed.

Every turn Delta faced, has met with some blockade by the DOT. After they instituted a policy that allowed only 1 ESA per passenger, the DOT canceled that too. For, they believe that any such laws must not comply with the discomfort a passenger might have to face, 30000ft above sea level, as they maintained in a press release. In fact, the DOT has allowed one ESA and up to 3 service animals per passengers, as and when required.

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It’s common news that Pitbulls always have been the victim of some unneeded notoriety, for biting strangers and generally being a menace. But most sympathizers with this breed will tell you that they are very composed when their owner treats them with the proper care and love that they deserve.

Yet, we would still advise you to travel only with your pitbull John, rather than Mr. Worldwide.

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