Dave Chappelle Makes Fun of Many Groups, Not Only Transgender, So Why They Seem So Offended?


By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

After all the controversies online surrounding the newest special from Dave Chappelle on Netflix, I decided to see it for myself. And honestly? I thought it was great. And he actually made fun of everyone there. He laughed at Jews, women, black people and of course the LGBT community… This is the purpose of comedy. Comedians make fun of things, people, situations, groups, nationalities, etc. Most adults understand that comedy is meant to be sarcastic or meant to be making fun out of things. 

Some people, however, seem to be offended by almost everything these days… 

Let’s take me for example, I’m an immigrant, currently living in the UK, and grew up in Poland and people make jokes of Polish people or immigrants all the time. Comedians can make fun of those groups occasionally. If I hear jokes about Polish or immigrants and I find them funny, I just laugh, I understand that these are jokes. I don’t really take them personally. If I don’t find them funny, I just ignore them. I might even agree if they raise some points that I consider true. I understand that the context is to make fun of things. If the tone would be different, as a form of attack, hate, etc. I can see how people could get offended but from a comedy? And yes, there are many homophobic people out there that attack immigrants or Polish in particular as they are a large community in the UK, and many had a problem with that. It is a different thing to a comedy, however. 

Unfortunately, I think some of the people that find Dave’s performance “offensive” seem to be taking things too personally. I even talked about it with a gay friend lately who said that he also doesn’t see any issues with making fun of the LGBT community in this context.  He said however that there are a lot of people in his community, especially in younger groups, that just really love to show some tantrums and will just look for opportunities to raise their voice. 

I actually thought about this phenomenon in the past a lot. If you think about it. Many people just feel better about themselves if they make a stand, they feel worthy. They feel like they have some power if they can disagree with something they don’t like and suddenly they actually make an impact. If you are just a regular person and you can make a stand against a big celebrity and your actions actually will bring some result like canceling the show, you feel powerful, right? You feel heard. Someone hears your crying and it actually makes a real-world impact. People want to see that they can have power in their hands. However, so far the result of this situation actually made Dave more famous. Many people now decided to watch the show because of all the drama going on in the media. 

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