Crows Are As Smart As Children According To Science


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By Mayukh Saha,

It has always been theorized that crows are smarter than their appearance. With the advancement of science, it has been made possible to determine how smart crows are. As Satyajit Ray’s character Professor Shonku mentions, a crow is smarter than how it looks. In the story, the crow’s extraordinary abilities were highlighted when it gave the cat a fish and tried lighting a matchstick. With that in mind, it becomes really necessary to determine, to what extent would a crow’s intelligence reach, given a series of situations which are conducive to its mental functioning.

Research states that a crow’s mental faculties are as developed as a 7-year old child’s. It can sense movements around it and relate it to several events unfolding before it. For example, in one such experiment, it was deduced that a crow understood when human interaction led to a change in a particular scenario, and got ruffled, when the change was an independent gesture. Crows have been known to be really creative, when it is needed. They would use sticks to bring objects closer or pick something up. In certain interesting situations, they have also been noted to wire metals into tools that they would be using to make nests or other things. Something, that might have been considered implausible in their regard. Even though a crow might have never seen a wire in its life, it still knew how to twist and turn it into something that it could use.

There has always been this euphoric curiosity in the scientific minds about the correlation of intelligence when it comes to humans and animals. While humans are clearly the more rational beings amongst all, crows might not be far behind. They have their own behavioral patterns, and instincts that put them on a different level than other creatures in the wild. In one experiment, it was found that a crow is highly analytical in its approach to a particular problem, for the intended problem was designed as a series of events which could only be unlocked, given the previous event was completed. The reward at the end, was food. Most of the crows reached until the final point, where one crow finally finished the puzzle. This could probably establish crows as birds that have the ability to process complex analytical functions in their brain, and work accordingly.

Further, observing a murder of crows at dusk would give one the idea that the patterns in which they fly around, must be some complex maneuvers that would readily require a “certain set of skills”, as Liam Neeson would say. They are highly adaptive, and those black eyes see through everything, continuously gauging, analyzing, and adapting. They can communicate with other crows, which might be a nuisance for humans, due to the harshness of it, but it is still a mode of communication.

Finally, how many of us have heard the story of the crow trying to increase the level of water to quench its thirst? It is not just a folk lore, people. Crows really understand water, and its movement. They analyse the way it moves and adapts to it.

In conclusion, it is time that humans treated crows with the respect they deserve, as they are more intelligent than expected.

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