Crows Are Able To Hold A Grudge And Remember Your Face If You Are Mean To Them

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There are two major cons to fighting crows- they are numerous in numbers, and they caw a lot. Also, they have sharp beaks. Recently, it has also come to news that they remember faces. So, if you have a grudge with a crow, know that it will come to settle scores. 

Incidentally, Twitter has been afoot with this interesting piece of information. According to a quiz account from Britain, a crow not only can hold a grudge, and remember faces, but they can also be extremely gossip-y about it with fellow crows. You are never safe. 

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Crows can hold a grudge but can be kind as well!

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This discovery is actually not a recent development. Back in 2012, John Marzluff from the University of Washington had decided to conduct a research, based on this very thought, and brought forth results. Those results stated that both these birds and humans shared one thing in common- the ability to retain images of faces, and the association of such faces with polarising feelings.

Interestingly, the research proved that crows had something which was somewhat similar to the amygdala in humans and other mammals. This proved that the region of the crow’s brain responsible for recognition worked in a similar way to that of a mammal’s brain. 

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In conclusion, he reiterated that the amygdala was the place where every negative experience was stored as a memory. And while there were erstwhile researches based on the same idea, this was the first time research was conducted on a bird. 

Well, now that you know- stay away from them. Or you will find yourself chased by a murder of crows someday. 

Image Credit: Wichat Matisilp

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