Cozy Off-Grid Home Can Be Built In 6 Hours And Costs Just $33K

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All around the world, the cost of housing is increasing. To cope, some families have decided to downsize. Other have gone a step further by investing in tiny homes, or taking their abodes on the road. And, there are some who have invested in sustainable, off-grid homes so they can live in peace while thriving in nature. If one — or all — of these options sound good to you, you may want to check out the house Italian Renator Vidal has designed.


To provide solutions for skyrocketing real estate prices, Vidal developed M.A.Di, a flat pack folding home that costs just $33,000 to build. Adding further intrigue, it can be assembled in any flat location — and in just six hours.

Bored Panda reports that the building is certified as seismically safe, is created with high-quality materials, and comes in a variety of sizes. There is a 290-square-foot home for $33,000, for instance, or a 904-square-foot design for $73,000.

The pre-fab homes can be assembled to go off-grid. Apparently, the structures pair well with solar panels, grey water systems and LED lighting.

After payment, the house is expected to arrive in about 60 days. The structure includes all modern amenities, including a bathroom with sanitary facilities, kitchen connections, a staircase, and technical installations.

“It creates cosy and safe places highly customizable according to your needs,” says the company.

Following are images of the innovative abode:

M.A.Di looks like an ordinary house, but everything underneath the exterior is the complete opposite of “simple”

That flat pack folding home can be assembled in 6 hours and costs just $33k

Here is a time-lapse of its assembly:

This is what M.A.Di looks like when completed:

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