Coyote Pup Goes On 10-Day Rafting Adventure After Nearly Drowning And Receiving CPR

Drowning coyote pup

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A Canadian adventurer discovered a drowning coyote pup, resuscitated it and then nursed it back to health while completing his river rafting journey.

Known only by his first name, Justin, the man was taking a lengthy solo trip down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers when he came across the pup in distress.

While taking a break from paddling to do a bit of fishing, he became aware of a commotion, but was unable to identify it.

He then realized that some kind of animal was battling to keep its head above water in the river although it was too dark to clearly see what it was.

On closer inspection he found it to be a tiny coyote, and he managed to rescue it despite falling into the icy water himself.

Back from the dead – coyote pup gets new life breathed into it

At that point, it didn’t look good for the tiny creature, which was reportedly no longer breathing.

The rescuer however refused to give in and managed to bring the pup back to life through CPR. He also built a fire to warm it up.

Not able to get any help while isolated out in the wilderness, Justin kept the coyote with him for another 10-days.

“The little pup would eat with Justin, cuddle in his jacket, and sleep in his backpack while they rafted down the river. Justin ended up naming the little guy YipYip and took really good care of him throughout the trip,” read part of a post on the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan Facebook page. 

Finally, their journey together ended when Justin got back to civilization and contacted the Swift Current SPCA, who referred the pup to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewa.

They were happy to take little YipYip in and placed it with two other orphaned coyote pups. As soon as they’re ready the coyotes will be released back into the wild.


Image credit: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewa

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