Costco Is Refusing To Accept Toilet Paper That Hoarders Are Trying To Return To Their Stores


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Costco strikes back at hoarders refusing to accept their return of toilet paper stocks. Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, a huge number of Americans selfishly, and unnecessarily, stocked up on toilet paper, food, and water. Due to this hoarding, a crisis is now being felt for such commodities. Older people are experiencing the most trouble with this mess. But now, as the hoarders are realizing their mistake, Costco refuses to accept their returns.

The internet has praised the doctors, medical staff, grocery store clerks and other essential service providers for their efforts in the time of the COVID -19 situation. But they know whom to shame – the hoarders. They caused a crisis for many needy people just for their selfishness.

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Videos went viral of people stocking up large bundles of toilet paper rolls, sanitizing wipes and paper towels.

And now, they are regretting their decision of stocking up piles of toilet paper. Costco, the American wholesaler has refused to accept returns of toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, Lysol, rice, and water. And the internet is praising Costco for their apt decision, like never before. Photos of Costco’s refusal posters are everywhere on Twitter.

Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is Costco’s target but not this time. They usually accept returns on everything except tobacco products and alcohol. But this time, they took the right step. The hoarders need to realize their fault.

People expressed their love for Costco on Twitter. They are really happy with Costco’s decision.

Some people have suggested the hoarders to donate their unnecessary stuff to the needy folks. This way they can help others.

So, the hoarders are being punished for their actions. But what is the main reason behind this hoarding frenzy? Stocking up food, sanitizers, and water makes sense, but why toilet paper? Toilet paper is not as essential as food and water for surviving.

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Andrea Greenman said that stocking up toilet paper has a connection with losing control over things. She is the president of the Contemporary Freudian Society. Greenman has also suggested a connection between hoarding toilet paper and a child’s anal phase.

According to her, a child finds it easy to assert control while maintaining cleanliness around B.M.s. And in this current Coronavirus situation, people felt a sense of losing control over their cleanliness. So, that has given them a regressive push to that earlier time of childhood. They thought to stock up a lifetime supply of toilet paper! So, they will not have to depend on others for their cleanliness.

Do you think others should follow Costco’s example?


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