After Cooler Malfunction, Trader Joe’s Donates 35,000 Pounds Of Food To Charity

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Running a business is an expensive — and risky — venture. If you run a grocery store, for instance, what happens when the electricity goes out and food begins to thaw? An ordinary supermarket, in this instance, would call a mechanic and attempt to save all of the perishable goods. Trader Joe’s isn’t an ordinary store, however.

Because its policy mandates that all perishables are to be donated to charity, the Trader Joes in Kalamazoo, Michigan, donated 35,000 pounds of nutritious food to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission earlier this week. This is extraordinary news, for the local shelter serves over 600 meals to the city’s homeless each day.

According to the ministry, Trader Joe’s donation is the single largest contribution they have ever received. This says something, as 95 percent of their food is donated. The ministry added that the donated food won’t just warm hungry bellies, it will uplift many people’s spirits.

“They called us and we were able to mobilize a team within an hour that consisted of staff and volunteers,” said Greg Weaver, Director of Food Service at the mission. “They just really exemplified a culture of generosity and we’re just so thankful for them.”

Trader Joe’s Store Captain Daniel Sorscher told WXMI that it is the company’s policy to donate food daily to local shelves. “Everything that we deem is able to be consumed safely we donate to our neighbors and we’re really happy to participate in helping the community in that way,” Sorscher said.

Because such an abundance of food was received, 4,000 pounds of perishable goods (including meats, cheese, and produce) was donated to 12 Baskets, another local food pantry.

This news is heartening, for it confirms that companies can operate with the well-being of their employees and the customers they serve in mind. If you were inspired by this story, consider supporting Trader Joe’s and other businesses that are dedicated to “doing good.”

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