This Company Plants 10 Trees For Every Item Of Clothing They Sell


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Since 2012, Tentree have planted just over 16 million trees. The lifestyle apparel are for profit, as well as their environment. The company was founded by five socially and environmentally conscious friends in Canada. Their business plan is to plant ten trees for every item purchased. This means that their consumers have a direct impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

So far, Tentree have managed to plant around 5 million trees in Madagascar. This has helped to revitalise the entire village which has seen an increase in wildlife, fish and fishermen. The rest of the trees have been planted in Senegal, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Kenya, Haiti, Canada, Cambodia and the US.

Tentree’s tagline “protect the world you play in” speaks volumes. Their goal is to “become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet”. They are passionate about their environment and want to use the apparel industry as a “vehicle for change.”

Tentree are working to expand their movement in both Europe and Asia and aim to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.  

Tentree’s collection feature pants, hoodies and accessories for both men and women. Join the movement and shop ethically today. You can make a difference when you purchase items of clothing with Tentree.

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