Cloud Lamp Erupts In A Lightning Storm Every Time Donald Trump Tweets

Political Cloud Lamp by Parse Error

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Whether you’re a fan of Donald Trump or can’t stand the guy, you’re likely to appreciate this lamp. This is because, every time the President of the United States “tweets,” the ingenious invention erupts into a miniature lightning storm.

The cloud lamp was designed by French artist Parse/Error and was intentioned to connect with Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Hilarious and, perhaps, even convenient, it informs all those who are near it the exact moment Donald Trump shares his mind on the social media platform.

When President Trump is busy, the La Political Lamp exists as a simple light fixture. It is both calming and captivating with its swirling clouds. At any given moment, however, a tweet can precipitate a series of flashing lightning bolts. This effectively converts the lamp into a raging mini storm, as Notcot reports.

The artist was inspired to create the lamp in response to the world’s shifting politics. To him, it symbolizes intolerance throughout the world — especially when it comes to elected leaders. Said Parse/Error,

“The choice of setting the Political Lamp to follow the tweets of Donald Trump is explained by the fact that he perfectly embodies a dangerous era. A world where the words of one man, released without reflection and with spontaneity on a global social network, can endanger the fate of millions by spreading the ghost of nuclear war on the planet.”

Because of this, the lamp is both an art statement and a functional fixture which can light up a room. Learn more here.

Watch the video below:

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