Magic Mushroom Trials Show Significant Decrease In Anxiety and Depression For Cancer Patients

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By Jess Murray Truth Theory

Recent clinical trials have proved that magic mushrooms can significantly decrease anxiety and depression suffered by cancer patients.

Whilst scientists previously proved that a ‘trip’ from the active compounds that are present in magic mushrooms, primarily psilocybin, create a hyper-connected brain which disrupts normal brain communication networks, creating a more open and emotive state, more recent research has shown that negative symptoms such as depression in cancer patients can be heavily reduced.

Research has shown that after just a single ‘trip’ caused by the use of magic mushrooms, a huge 80% of patients showed an immediate reduction of their usual symptoms of both anxiety and depression, a reaction which was still present during a six month follow up review by researchers.

Cancer-sufferer and participant of the scientific trial, which took place at New York University and John Hopkins University, told the New York Times about his life-changing experience. Octavian Mihai said, “Why are you letting yourself be terrorised by cancer coming back? This is dumb. It’s in your power to get rid of the fear. That’s when I saw black smoke rising from my body. And it felt great. I’m not anxious about cancer anymore. I’m not anxious about dying.” He also claimed that the experience has made his life richer.

Following the trial, of which participants found that for a real life-changing experience they needed to take a high dose, doctors asked all participants to write down their experience and visions whilst under the effects of the magic mushrooms. Once the effects of the drug had completely worn off, they were also asked to reflect on the experience that they had had whilst on their ‘trip’, and report their thoughts and feelings throughout the process. The majority of participants in the research reported that their personal experience was exceptionally pleasing.

This research has come at a time when the use of widely-used, highly expensive and side-effect causing pharmaceuticals are constantly being brought into question, which are mainly prescribed to reduce anxiety and depression.

More recently, these results are also tying in with a modern time when psychedelics are slowly gaining acceptance through research, such as this study, amongst psychologists, neuropsychopharmacologists and medical practitioners, and breaking into mainstream society.

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