Cincinnati Ends Marijuana Prosecutions For 100g Or Less

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

According to recent news, the Vice Mayor of Cincinnati city, Smitherman has mentioned that his office-staff have been informed to immediately dismiss any charges for the drug, if below 100 gms. 

Smitherman believes that this law will greatly help those who have been impeded from acquiring a job, due to this charge against them. He has further mentioned that he will make sure that a charter is in place which would require the city authorities to be more benevolent towards the nature of the ‘crime’.

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Solicitor for the City Paula B. Muething and Manager Patrick Duhaney are the ones that notified the department of the Mayor about these proceedings. It is believed that this came after the legislation, commonly known as the Smitherman/Pastor legislation, on the drug.

The ordinance was introduced in May and came into effect in July end. 

The records highlighted that most of the individuals convicted in possession of cannabis were of an African-American origin. Smitherman concluded his statement by thanking every legislator who took the step to decriminalize cannabis, below a certain quantity.

While medical marijuana has been legalized in Ohio, recreational usage is illegal. Drug Enforcement Agency puts marijuana in Schedule I drugs with the likes of ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. 26 states in the USA have already legalized recreational pot, Illinois being the latest addition to the state’s list.

You can read more about Cincinnati here.

Image Credit: Cincinnati Police Department


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